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The Home Inspection: What's Involved

A Home Inspection is an inspection and analysis of the building and its mechanics. We inspect the house looking for common and/or costly defects, as well as numerous less common problems. Our job is to make sure our clients know exactly what is wrong with the house and what can be expected. Knowing the true condition of the house you're intending to buy not only educates you, it lets you to take the guesswork out of buying a house. When you're buying your next home, don't be surprised... be sure!

Why A Home Inspection?

Home Buyers - To know what you're are buying
Home Sellers - To make your house more marketable
Home Owners - To find out what might be wrong with your home before costly remodeling begins
Banks - To know the true condition of a foreclosed house
Mortgage Companies - Most are making home inspection mandatory

Are Home Inspectors Licensed in New York?

Yes! As of December 31, 2005, all home inspectors performing inspection in New York State must be licensed. Fritz Gunther is one of the first Home Inspectors in New York to receive his license due to his extensive experience in the field.

How Quickly Can I Schedule An Appointment?

After scheduling on-line or calling our office at (585) 349-3900, most appointments are scheduled within 24 hours. At the completion of the Home Inspection, the typed report is explained and given to you for your records. At Gunther Home Inspections, we understand that once the purchase offer has been accepted, the buyer may have a few days in order to get a professional Home Inspection. We are able to accommodate you quickly and thoroughly enabling you to have as much time as possible to make your decision.

How Long Does A Home Inspection Take?

The length of our thorough Inspections depends on several variables.

• Is the house vacant or occupied?
• Is it a 1, 2, 3, or 4 family house?
• What size is the house? (Square footage)

On average, most of our complete Home Inspections take approximately 1 hours to complete. If you have many questions, regarding possible future remodeling projects, repair cost analysis, etc., our Inspectors are more than willing to accommodate you and give you as much time as you need.

When Do I Get The Inspection Report?

At Gunther Home Inspections we use the latest state-of-the-art equipment when performing our inspections. As information is collected during the inspection, it is recorded in a handheld computer and printed completely on-site. At the completion of the inspection you will have a complete comprehensive typed report with detailed explanations of the houses components including a summary containing items of concern.


What Does A Home Inspection Cover?

Foundation Heating
Structure Cooling
Roof Plumbing
Grounds Electrical
Exterior Kitchen
Interior Bathrooms
Rain Gutters Built-in Appliances
Chimneys / Fireplaces Exterior Grading
Insulation & Ventilation Attic / Basement


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Inspection Contract / Agreement

The following is a link to our Inspection Contract which is required to be signed by both the inspector and the client at the time of the inspection. Please review the contract and contact us if you have any questions.


The Following Inspections Are Also Available
(At An Additional Cost)

Lead Paint
Septic Tanks

Our Areas Of Expertise...

Structure Foundations
Heating System Air-conditioning Systems
Electrical Service Aluminum Wiring
Hot Water Heaters Plumbing
Termites & Wood Destroying Insects Water in the Basement
Rotted Wood Roof Leaders and Gutters
Siding Trim
Windows and Doors Built-in Appliances
Environmental Concerns Life Safety
Inside & Outside of the Building  

Also Available...

Written Cost Estimates Building Codes
New Construction Consultations Chimneys & Fireplaces
Swimming Pools Septic Tanks & More!

Environmental Concerns...

Asbestos Indoor Air Quality
Lead Based Paint Oil Leaks
Radon Gas


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